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My approach

and what to expect

I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy at any and all stages of life. Everyone will have their own reasons for seeking out therapy. What I can offer is a safe and private space where you will be supported to express and explore what you are going through. We all live in an isolating, and sometimes lonely, world whereby meaningful communication feels impossible - I aim to provide a relationship where meaningful communication can help you.

My approach to our therapy will be grounded in person-centred, humanistic and existential approaches. What this means in practice is that our work together is collaborative and determined by what you feel is most essential and vital to address. I believe everyone can benefit from being offered a space where they can express and share their inner world with another and try to identify a way of living which feels meaningful and sustainable for them.

I have also trained psychodynamically, which emphasises how one’s past experiences influence one’s current thinking, behaviour, and relationships. Part of our work may also incorporate making sense of your past and becoming aware of how those experiences impact your present and future.

What to expect

After you contact me we can arrange a free initial consultation session via video call so we can meet and each decide whether we would like to work together.

I work both online and in-person - in this initial consultation we can talk about what your preference is for where we meet and compare schedules to try and find a regular time where we can have a session for 50 minutes every week.

If we agree to work together we can book an initial 50 minute session where we can identify further what you would like from your therapy and establish a framework for our future therapy together. I'll also review my policies around confidentiality, ethics and payments with you in this initial session.

From that point therapy can be open-ended, meeting at a regular time every week, whereby we can continue for as long as you feel like you're benefitting from it. I'll do regular check-ins to assess how you're feeling about the therapy and what is and isn't working for you.

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